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Volunteering in Greater Manchester

People all across Greater Manchester give their time freely to help others and make the world a better place. Volunteering can just be for a one-off event, a few days, or maybe a longer term commitment.

In the current circumstances, that support is needed even more and lots of people want to find ways they can help.

This website can help you find local organisations to register an interest with in volunteering in your community. They will talk to you about what you could do, and try to connect you with a suitable volunteering role. There is also information about other ways you can help – being a good neighbour, organising support in your own community and some things to bear in mind to keep you and those around you safe.

Volunteering opportunities

New volunteering opportunities are constantly becoming available but we are also planning ahead for the needs of communities over the coming months. We would encourage you to register your interest now through one of the following organisations.

We’ve had a great response across Greater Manchester. Every offer of support is needed and welcomed, and we’re working through applications to match people with relevant opportunities. Please be patient once you’ve applied as you may not get an immediate response:


A Message from the Mayor, Andy Burnham

"The people of our city-region are compassionate – we don’t just walk on by. I want to kick-start a volunteering drive that sees the Greater Manchester public befriend their neighbours and others living and working nearby, running errands, collecting and distributing medicines and in general ensuring our older citizens are safe and well."

“We are living in a challenging period but, together, we will get through this like we have so many depressions, recessions and dark times before. That is the spirit of Greater Manchester.”